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Our Services

Free Collection Service
Free collection is offered to those in the surrounding area. Please note, these appointments are limited so please book in advance.

Free Puppy Bath
If your puppy is under 16 weeks we would love to give it a free scrub and nail trim. We advise anyone with a breed needing regular grooming to introduce their dog to a salon as soon as possible. Many dogs who begin their appointments as adults are very difficult to groom and can be turned away as a result.

Health and Hygiene
All our staff are trained in emergency first aid for animals. All equipment is UV sterilised after every dog to safeguard against the spread of harmful bacteria. During grooming dogs are restrained on the table using harnesses, nooses and slings specially designed to optimise safety for both dog and groomers. We have a selection of slings suitable for elderly and disabled dogs who may find it hard to stand for the duration of the groom.

On commencement of appointment all clients must fill out a mandatory health questionnaire. We would appreciate if clients could bring as much information as possible about their pet i.e. medication, veterinary details etc...

Caring for your dog's coat
It's simple, if you love your dog, BRUSH YOUR DOG. Curly-coated breeds i.e. Poodle, Bichon Frise, Bedlington Terrier etc. need to be checked for matts daily. To remove matts and loosen curly coats it is most effective to use a Slicker brush against the growth of the hair. Comb out with a wide tooth comb from the root until there is no resistance from root to tip.

Never put a heavily matted dog in the bath, this only allows the matts to dry closer to the skin, making them harder to remove. If a coat becomes felted skin problems may result. Please note, it is unethical for any groomer to unpick a heavily matted or felted coat. We will not unduly traumatise an animal for cosmetic reasons. The kindest option is to shave off the problem areas. DO NOT MAKE YOUR DOGS COAT IT'S PRISON!

Cat Grooming
We now offer a full cat grooming service. Evenings only!

Pet Sitting - Not available until further notice
Offered as a friendly alternative to boarding kennels. Throughout the day dogs will have full stretch of the parlour with walkies at lunch time. On an evening dogs will reside with me at my home address and be treated as part of the family.

This is a one-one service for dogs who may not be able to cope with the environment of a boarding kennel. Only one dog, or one pack (multi dogs from the same household) are boarded at any given time.

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